Inkredible Kreations’ Big Move!

Inkredible Kreations in Perth has moved into a lovely shiney new shop, and it’s awesome! This new shop is a lot bigger, and the guys there will be making you all feel at home in no time- in fact, you’re able to go to this new shop today. Don’t worry though, they’ve really only moved around 100 feet down the road.

The new location is so close that you’d wonder why they’ve moved, but when you take one look at the new place it will make so much sense- it’s so much bigger! It’s so much better! You will love it!

Here’s the important stuff:

As of Tuesday 14th January… our new address is: 92 Canal St, Perth, PH2 8HX
All appointments etc still stand just they’ll take place in our shiny new studio less than 100 yards away from the old location. Our phone will be reconnected at some point on Wednesday but until then just email with any questions.

Gary and Clair are two of the coolest ever people, and we wish them the best possible luck with the new shop- not that they’ll need it! Make sure you check it out as soon as you can!


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