Design 4 Life: Looking for an Apprentice!

I know that there are a lot of you guys out there who want to become a tattooer, so this is a really great opportunity that you should be interested in! Design 4 Life in Liverpool are currently on the lookout for a new apprentice! Here’s the information you need, from Ant Nicholls’ Facebook page:

Screenshot (15)


Make sure you send your email to the guys as quickly as you can- everyone loves a punctual apprentice, after all! Getting an apprenticeship at a great shop is the best possible start to any career in tattooing, and it means that you an learn how to do everything properly, rather than learn bad habits that you’d have to fix later on. It’s not easy, and you’ll spend a fair few occasions crying in the shop’s toilet, blistering your hands cleaning the shop, and spending every night painting while your friends are out drunk, before you can even pick up a machine, but it’ll be completely worth it! Don’t miss an opportunity to have your portfolio seen by this great shop, and potentially get that foot in the door you’ve been dreaming of.


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