If It Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix It

If you’re looking for a custom tattoo, you should go to a tattoo artist. I shouldn’t have to point out something so obvious, but for some reason people are always looking elsewhere. People love to walk into tattoo shops, and tell their tattooer they want a custom tattoo, just like the one they clipped out of a magazine the other day. Sometimes they will even ask their friend to draw them a design, because they can’t do it, and they don’t realise a tattooer can. This is all well and good, and I’m sure those people get some great tattoos after a tattooer has tweaked it properly- no one gets hurt, everyone is happy in the end. However, online it’s a little different, and there are a lot of people who want to rip you off for that ‘one off design’.

There are a lot of new ‘guys in suits’ in tattooing that want to take your money for something a custom tattooer will do as part of their job. For a fee, they claim to be able to listen to your ideas, and design a one off tattoo for you. Most of these ‘business owners’ don’t even seem to have any tattoos, but because of their marketing, people will hand over their cash before doing any research.

Their prices range from $50 to $175. $175 on top of the money you’re paying for the tattoo?! That $175 will get you this:

  • A long and lengthy conversation where you try to put your ideas to an artist who doesn’t tattoo
  • A picture that you can show a bored receptionist at a tattoo shop (they don’t mean it, they just assume you Googled it)
  • A conversation with a tattooer who tells you they need to make changes before your appointment, to make it tattooable
  • A new design that looks different to the one you paid for, because tattooers know how to make these ideas actually work
  • Instant regret over paying $175 for a design that didn’t make yours or your tattooer’s life any easier

Hopefully, if you picked the right tattooer, you’ll still have a really awesome tattoo by the end of all of that! I’m sure it would be super, but at the same time you’d definitely be feeling that emptiness in your wallet afterwards. Tattooers don’t just make drawing up designs their jobs; they prefer it, most of the time. Yeah, there will always be some small tattoos, like names and playboy bunnies, that will make them a little extra cash that they love to fill their time with, but I don’t know a tattooer who doesn’t love the idea of a nice big custom tattoo to work on! Also, if you don’t trust a tattooer to draw, why trust them to tattoo you?


Edit warning: Originally, this post only mentioned a company called Custom Tattoo Designs. After having a little think about it, though, I’ve decided that since there are a few companies out there right now, it wouldn’t be fair to only pick on one. Also, I wouldn’t want anyone thinking they’re the only rubbish company trying to exploit tattooing, and end up doing business with any other unmentioned ones. Either way, my sentiments are the same- keep away from these companies!


2 thoughts on “If It Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix It

  1. Great blog, I’ve always had views like this myself. I could never understand why people would go asking a friend of a friend of a friend who could draw to sketch their tattoo, when there’s loads of artists in a tattoo shop!


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