On the Shoulders of Giants: Part 1 is Finished!

If you remember me talking about the Frith Street Tattoo film that Stewart Robson has been working on, you may be excited to know that he’s finally finished part one! You can pre-order this online already by clicking here, and you can also stream it online for a small fee very soon.

I know you may be wondering why it has taken so long to get part one out there, but Stewart explains this on his blog (here):

Well, I was working on finding a streaming provider that worked without having to force people to sign up to a service they will never use and who will constantly send nagging promotional emails. I looked at Amazon, Vimeo, iTunes and a host of smaller distributers but the one that came closest to my goal was Distrify. You don’t need to sign up, you can pay by card or PayPal directly from the player, they don’t take weeks to approve or encode my film, they don’t take an unreasonable percentage from the cost of the sale or require a fee to use their service, I can embed the player in any website I choose and the final cherry on the cake is I can set the cost low. £3.49 (and equivalent in other currencies) is the lowest the service allows. So that’s how much it costs to stream.

From the 17th, you can stream the film from here!

This is a really exciting project, which I’m sure most people can’t wait to see complete. Below is the trailer, just to whet your appetite!

Big thank you to Andy Hay for the heads up about this! 🙂


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