Review: FST: On the Shoulders of Giants

I know that we don’t normally post on a Thursday, but after Stewart Robson showed me the new FST documentary I mentioned last week, I had to add a review to this week’s schedule. I’m too impatient when I’m excited about something!

As you should be aware by now, the first part of the Frith Street documentary film is finished, and you can view it now online or buy it on DVD [here]. This documentary is fantastic, and you need to see it. It follows the shop itself, and the artists who work there. Most people are already familiar with Frith Street and the amazing work that comes from it, but Stewart has managed to keep this interesting even to someone who would know the shop inside out.

The guys talk about their experiences and their opinions on the shop, and tattooing in general, in such an honest and amusing way, that you’ll easily get lost in it. Everyone is very humble and friendly, but they are in such a genuine way. Some people try to fake that, and they end up undermining their own work in an effort to make back breaking labour look like no big deal. On the other hand, they’re not trying to make their work or themselves look more impressive by showing off- in fact, at one point Chad Koeplinger shows a harsh reality of working your arse off and sacrificing half of your life for tattooing that many people never see. These guys know that their work speaks for itself, which is great because it means that they can talk about the fun stuff or the important stuff, instead. 

The film is shot really well- it isn’t overly stylised, but it isn’t crap either- I think that it’s a really genuine reflection of the sort of shop Frith Street is. I’ve seen people who say they’re professional film makers who can’t make a film like this, so it’s really impressive to know that Stewart did the majority of this film himself. If you can, I’d recommend plugging your computer into your TV if you’re streaming it, because it looks great on a bigger screen.

Normally when I write something like this, I try to find something that isn’t too great about what I’m reviewing, because I don’t blow smoke up anyone’s arse. On this occasion, though, I can’t actually think of anything that I didn’t like. This is something I would certainly recommend, and I think you guys will love it. Make sure you click here and watch this ASAP!


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