Hey! Remember this Chick?

We’re starting this week by re-visiting a strange little story from 2009. Remember when Kimberley Vlaeminck got all those stars on her face? She claimed that she fell asleep, and didn’t realise how many stars she was getting. She ended up in quite a few major newspapers because her story was so ridiculous.

She did say at the time that she was going to sue the tattooer to get them removed, but she later went back on her claims and admitted to making it all up. Now, though, she’s finally removed most of the tattoos, after spending a massive £9,000. There’s a news page online in Portuguese that’s popped up online about the whole thing, that you can translate here, if you’d like.

If you’re ever thinking about getting a face tattoo, this is the chick you should be looking at. If you can honestly say that you’d be happy to spend £9,000 and four years of bullshit getting it removed, then you’re on your way to making the decision. If you can honestly say that you’d never even have to consider that, you’re even further there, but it’s worth being careful! Face tattoos aren’t for the faint of heart, or the stupid!



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