Mint Gun Club is Pawsome!

Mint Gun Club in Dunfermline has a pawsitively amazing new event planned that will make you smile. In July, they’ll be helping out some pooches that have been through some ruff times, so that some lucky dogs can have their day. Okay, I’ll stop with the shit puns (it’s Friday, guys!), but you definitely need to check this out.

The guys at Mint Gun Club are always doing stuff for charity. At least once a month, they’ll raise money for a worthy cause, just because they can, and they want to. They’ll leave water and dog food outside of their shop, since they’re based near a big park, and they sponsor the local rugby team, too. They’re just awesome guys!

A couple of times a year, they’ll hold events where you can get tattooed for charity. They’ll only do this a couple of times a year, because they won’t take the costs of tattoo equipment out of the proceeds, so when it happens it’s always super special. This year, they’ll be tattooing for Any Dog’il Do Rescue, that helps dogs in the local area. It’s a fantastic rescue home that always needs help from charitable awesome people, so it’s definitely a great cause.

Here’s some information for you on what’ll be happening:

Mikee will be designing a sheet of flash for a low set price and tattooing on a first come first served basis on this day. A larger set of designs will also be drawn up ad again done for a massively discounted price these pieces will be given priority,All cash will go to the charity we will as always NOT be recuperating the cost of hosting the event.

You can see more information on this by clicking here!

The guys will be hosting this event on the 19th of July, and as you can see you’ll have to turn up early to avoid any disappointment! I hope that everything goes to plan, and that the guys can raise a shit-ton of money. We’ll be reminding you guys of this again nearer the time, and after the event, too! Good luck!


[Header image by Mikee Cue]


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