Lost Love: Available for Pre-Order

Yellow Beak Press is constantly killing it. They’ve produced some amazing books so far, most notably their Milton Zeis book, Tattooing As You Like It. Their new book, Lost Love, looks just as amazing, and it’s now available for pre-order, too.

This book is a collection of vintage flash, some of it never seen before publicly. There’ll be flash from Stoney St. Clair, Sailor Jerry, Percy Waters, Paul Rogers, and Cap Coleman, to name a few. There’ll be flash sheets, sketches, acetates, and photos in there, which makes it sound like one of those books you’ll be able to re-visit for years and always see something new. There’ll be 200 big lovely pages in this, and the first 200 orders will also get a free print of vintage flash, and the whole thing will be delivered in hand silk-screened packaging. Wow!

If you’re not excited about this book yet, you need to see the trailer for it, below:

You can click here to pre-order the book- get on it!


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