Bled for Boston

I’m sure you remember the tragic Boston bombing that took place last year. The bombings targeted both participants and spectators of the Boston Marathon last year, killing 3 people, and injuring over 200. Since these events, many local tattoo shops have been offering tattoos to raise money for The One Fund, which benefits the victims and their families. One photographer, called Christopher Padgett, has been documenting all of the tattoos he’s seen so far, and now plans to show all of these photos in a new book, which will raise even more money for the charity.

Christopher has spoken to Buzzfeed about this in a great interview, which I’d recommend you read here. From the interview:

“After the 117th Boston Marathon bombings, tattoo shops all over New England offered Boston-themed tattoos and donated the funds raised to The One Fund to benefit bombing victims and their families.

“As I waited my turn at Good Mojo Tattoos in Beverly, MA, I saw all types people coming through the door to have their love for Boston permanently inked on their bodies. Later that day, I decided to try and photograph as many of these people as I could.”

The project has received praise from major news outlets and pretty much all of New England, and quite rightly so! This is a really amazing project, which really shows how something as simple as a tattoo can bring people together, make them think, and ultimately do good in the community around it, just from someone taking a photo of it. Wow!

You can check out the project’s website here. Here are some of the tattoos, from Buzzfeed’s page, that  I thought were pretty cool:


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