Lasting Longer Than Life

Some ancient Egyptian mummies have been found to prove that tattoos aren’t just for life- some are forever! Some mummies that will be on display the British Museum will showcase the most human sides of the people wrapped up inside the bandages, which includes one of them that has tattoos, much like the tattoos that we have today.

The mummies have all received CAT scans at a hospital, which is something that is normally reserved for living patients rather than dead ones. When they were scanned, one of the mummies’ tattoos became distinguishable, revealing symbols that are Ancient Greek for ‘Michael’ on her inner thigh.

From the Telegraph:

The woman, aged between 20 and 35, had been buried wrapped in a linen and woollen cloth and her remains had mummified in the dry heat. The tattoo has been deciphered by curators and spells out in ancient Greek – M-I-X-A-H-A, or Michael.

The owner of the tattoo was a woman who died in about AD 700 and lived in a Christian community on the banks of the Nile.

The tattoo is thought to be the symbol of the Archangel Michael, which has been found in buildings and tablets, but this is the first time that a tattoo like this has ever been found. It obviously isn’t clear why the tattoo is there- perhaps the woman felt a close relationship with this biblical figure, maybe it was a good luck charm… for all we know, it might just be a coincidence that it’s identical to the symbol! Either way, it’s a super cool discovery.

The write up for this on the Telegraph is really interesting, and talks about other things that were discovered about the mummies- make sure you click here to see more of it!


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