Weirdest eBay Listing Ever?

Artur Mrozowski, a tattooer from Poland, added a strange listing to eBay fairly recently. He has a plan to sell his skin after he dies, which is covered in a jaguar print tattoo. He plans to sell his skin for about £75,000, and the skin will be cut off when he dies. I think, judging by the eBay listing, £75, 000 may be a little bit optimistic:

Screenshot (7)

You can read all about this here, but I’d much rather laugh at the FAQ’s on the listing:

Screenshot (8)


Is this guy for real? Apparently, there are plenty of people who’ll take human skin and turn it into things like wallets, or shoes. It is leather, after all, but you can’t help but question where this skin is coming from, or why the hell someone would pay £15,000 for a pair of shoes that’s made from human skin.

What I find strange, though, is how willing someone is to put a price on their tattoos. One of the things that I always found really special about tattoos is that those who get them do so for life. It’s not like buying a famous painting as a commodity to sell later on, you do it for the sake of having a great piece of art. This goes against that, as you’re putting a price on this art- the only difference is that you can’t spend the money yourself, I guess.

While this is all a bit crazy, it’s not entirely new- you hear all the time about people selling space on their skin to have an advert tattooed on it- that isn’t too much different, to me. What do you guys think? If you had a chance to be skinned after you die, for a comfortable amount of money for your family, would you do it? Leave me a comment, guys.


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