Tattoosday UK Macmillan Fundraiser

After tirelessly writing about all of the charity fundraising you all do, I am super happy and proud to announce that we’re doing a fundraiser of our own! This year will see the first ever Tattoosday UK charity fundraiser, for the Macmillan charity. Macmillan works ridiculously hard to help those who have cancer, and those who have close family who have been diagnosed. They’re an amazing cause, and they always deserve some help.

The fundraiser will take place in many different ways. Some tattooers are donating paintings, that we’ll be auctioning. Some are donating a day’s tattooing, which we may do a ‘tattoo for a tenner’ style raffle for (we’re still working on some of the finer details!). Really, though, you can do whatever you want!

Here are some confirmed tattooers:

  • Rat
  • Nigel Kurt
  • Hayley Parkin
  • Dan Lake
  • Gary Wiedenhof
  • Mark Bester
  • Gray Silva
  • Sharron Caudill
  • Adam Caudill
  • Remo Barcellone
  • Mikee Cue
  • Lee Reynolds
  • Lauren Spoors

We realise that we have had many supporters within the last five years who are not tattooers, so please don’t think this is a fundraiser limited by what you do for a living- we’re happy to have readers raise money too! So far, we’ve also managed to receive help from the Fun Lovin’ Criminals, too!

There is a page already sorted out for the fundraiser, where we’ll be adding news constantly. You can click here to see it!

Please keep an eye out for updates on this- I can’t wait!


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