Total Tattoo: Out Now!

Sorry this is a little late- Friday’s post was given away to our fundraiser! You’ll already know this was coming anyway- Total Tattoo is out! This is another fantastic issue that you really need to check out (hey man, how come you don’t have a subscription yet, anyway?).

In this issue, there are features with some amazing artists. Joey Ortega, Luca Ortis, and Marcus Maguire all talk about their amazing work, in features you’d be daft to miss. Also, Marisa Kakoulas has a feature on tattoos and copyright- she’s a bit of an expert in the field, since she’s both a lawyer and owner of!

Can you guys remember me telling you about Felicity Friedman’s Instagram, and her adventures in Antarctica? There’s even a feature on that this month, that you’d be crazy to miss! This is Lyle Tuttle making tattoo history man, why would you want to be kept in the dark when you can read all about it in such a great magazine?

There are also some amazing conventions the guys have covered- this month has the Tattoo Tea Party, the Milan Tattoo Convention, and the Brighton Tattoo Convention. You’ll feel like you were there! And if you were, you’ll feel like you were back!

There’s also the usual stuff, like Gallery Plus, Mugshot, and lots of news and tidbits for you to kick back with a cup of coffee to.

You can get Total Tattoo from all the good newsagents, and also online on various devices. If you click here you can see how to download it.



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