New Shop: Incandescence

Birmingham! You have a new private shop! Incandescence is a brand new studio owned by Clare Goldilox, who previously worked at Painted Lady. This shop is going to be awesome. From Clare’s Facebook page:

Sooooo… After months of hard work, painting, sawing, upholstering, tears and joy.
I’m soooo overjoyed to be welcoming my beautiful customers and friends to my new private studio “Incandescence”
I’ve poured love and light and tears and blood and more love into this little space.
My apologies to each and every one of my customers I’ve ignored and delayed and generally pissed about, but, I’m all ready to take bookings again.
Sooo… Send me your ideas and let’s get everyone booked in again 
Love love love

We all know that Clare’s work is outstanding, but even the studio itself looks really lovely. It has a peaceful and stylish look that only a private studio could get away with. The dark red walls and flash sheets that street shops tend to have are gone (not that we don’t love these shops, too, of course!), and are replaced with beautiful furniture and stunning artwork.

Like it says in Clare’s post, she’s ready to take bookings again- yay! Hurry up and book yourself in before she has no availability for ages!

Here are some photos of the shop, as seen here:


[Header image: by Clare Goldilox]


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