Supercut: Tattoos in Film

Whether they’ve been used to signify a villain, give a hero a back-story, or just look plain cool, tattoos have been used in film more times than anyone could know. Some are used as a full plot point in the story, like Guy Pierce’s shopping lists in Memento, or Stu’s Tyson-esque face tattoo in The Hangover 2. Some tattoos in films can start whole trends in tattooing itself, by inspiring others to get similar tattoos- some even have the same tattoo (even my mam has a Captain Jack Sparrow tattoo to mirror Johnny Depp’s!). Either way, everyone loves tattoos in films.

Brett Roberts and Travis Green have both put together a YouTube Supercut of some of the best tattoos ever seen in film. It’s actually a really entertaining watch; more so than you would think! They feature loads of truly iconic tattoos from films, all in about five minutes, and it’s been edited really well, too.

You can check out the video below, or on YouTube here, where they have a full list of all of the films that have been featured in this.


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