In Slow Motion

I could quite happily sit and watch one of my buddies tattooing someone all day. It’s almost therapeutic, watching the hypnotic machines making the tuneful buzzes and humming notes while something beautiful comes out of the other end. Because of this, the below video is easily something you’ll want to keep re-watching, even if it’s just because you think it’s weird.

This video is by a Vimeo user called GueT Deep, who has made a slow-mo video of someone being tattooed. It’s actually really strange to see. One of the things that people say to me is that they wouldn’t get tattooed because they don’t like needles, which I’ve always thought was funny- yeah, you know they’re needles, but they’re moving so fast it’s easy enough to forget that. You just see a blur, to the point where it’s almost like the tattooer is drawing on you with a pen (except pens don’t hurt!). When you see this video, though, it becomes a bit too real! You can see the vibrations of the skin, the needles themselves perforating the layers of it, and the machine itself moving, too. You almost wonder how tattooers have such steady hands!

I really love this video, and it’s great for a five minute chill out. You’re already here procrastinating, who why not go even further and watch this little time waster below?


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