Macmillan Fundraiser Update

No news today; just a short update on the Macmillan fundraiser. For those of you who don’t already know, we are doing a lot of stuff over the summer for Macmillan, including tattoo raffles and an art auction in August. You can see more here– please take a look! This week has been a little quiet, because I’ve been hard at work behind the scenes on this, but I do have a couple of cool things to show you. First of all, there’s this:

Screenshot (22)

Brilliant! If you’re wondering who Jonathan is, by the way, he was my awesome dad who Macmillan helped last year. We’re doing all of this in his name. This total excludes Gift Aid, by the way, so an estimate on the grand total is closer to £300- wow!

Last week, I paid a visit to Inkslingers in Newcastle for some treats for the art auction. I now have prints from the mighty Hayley Parkin, and an original painting, which look amazing. I also have some prints from Ian Parkin that are lovely. You will be able to bid on these in the auction. One print I have from Hayley is the last of her highly coveted Wu Tang prints, so I hope you’re all ready to fight for that one.

I’m currently waiting for some more prints, by some of your favourite tattooers- I can’t wait to tell you all who else will be donating prints!

As far as the JustGiving raffles go, there are still lots of people donating for their chance to win. You can now text a donation too- just please remember to keep your confirmation email or text! It is your proof of donation! You can see more about donating by text by clicking here.

There’ll be a lot more coming soon, so watch this space!


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