Helping with Henna

Okay, so I know henna isn’t the same as a real tattoo, but this story is super cool. There are probably a few of you guys out there who have experienced some kind of hair loss, or you may know someone who does. Medically, it’s not always a big deal, but it can have a real impact on how you live your day to day life. I can’t imagine how I’d feel without my big red mane of hair!

A group called Henna Heals deals with this issue in a really cool way- they’ll take anyone who wants to be a part of it, and they’ll draw beautiful intricate designs on their head. It actually makes those who take part look really different, and it looks wonderful. It’s a really fun way to deal with any hair loss issues, and it seems to be helping out a lot of people. I’ve heard of many people who’ve experienced this end up with real tattoos, but many people understandably don’t want to tattoo their heads. Besides, a lot of those involved are kids, so this is a great way for them to tackle their hair loss!

The below video is really cool, and makes for some nice Friday viewing. Check it out below!


[header image source]


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