Scott Campbell: Adoptive Ink

As part of an art project called Free Arts NYC, Scott Campbell recently showed how a simple name tattoo can become something very powerful. Doing something called “karmic mentorship”, he asked a bunch of underprivileged kids to come in and write down their names. What he then did was really cool- he had volunteers come in and get those names as tattoos. Complete strangers came in and got these kids’ names tattooed on them for life, just to have some kind of a connection and show them the power of humanity. These strangers are now connected for life, and regardless of how much time goes on, they’ll notice this kid’s name and wonder how they’re doing, while the kids will know someone cared enough to get a tattoo with their name on.

It’s really cool, and you should watch this video below. Also, make sure you check out Free Arts NYC, because there’s some insanely cool stuff on there. Scott Campbell and Marc Jacobs have raised almost $1 million in the last year doing awesome stuff!


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