Total Tattoo: Out Now

Another month has passed, and it’s time to crack open a new issue of Total Tattoo magazine. Great! Actually, I’m lying- this month I decided I wanted to read this online, and I might as well start by saying that the digital issues of Total Tattoo are absolutely fantastic. You never know what you’re going to get with some online issues, because the quality is questionable, but Total Tattoo is crystal clear online. It also means you can read it from anywhere in the world- great!

In this issue, the featured tattooers include Aaron Bell, Soap, Roman Warwink, Stawomir Nitschke, and Morag Sangster. They’re all fantastic artists, and there’s loads of their work in this issue for you to take a look at. There’s also a feature on the Human Rights Project (see here), that I would recommend you have a good read of.

Of course, there’s convention coverage- this month’s is Ink & Iron, Frankfurt, and Portsmouth. There’s a lot of coverage for each of these conventions, and I noticed a lot of stuff that I’ve seen in recent events, so you can see what people are getting into at the moment!

There’s also the usual stuff, like Gallery Plus, Mugshot, and lots of news and tidbits for you to kick back with a cup of coffee to.

You can get Total Tattoo from all the good newsagents, and also online on various devices. If you click here you can see how to download it.



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