Macmillan Fundraiser Update

So, it’s been a couple of weeks since I put an update on this site for the fundraiser, so I thought it would be cool to stick one up here rather than on its page. We’re doing really well with this at the moment, and I am so amazed with everyone’s generosity! The running total so far, without Gift Aid, is:


We’ve already drawn one of our JustGiving raffle pages, and our winner was French Stef, who is super happy with winning her new tattoo! Massive thanks to Paul Butler for donating his time- you are awesome!


The next page that we’re going to draw is Rat’s, on the 16th, and there has already been a lot of interest in this one! Make sure you click here to stick your tenner down.

We’ve been sent some beautiful work for the art auction in August as well. Rat’s Great Omi painting is amazing, and you should check it out. This original painting could be yours in August!


On top of that, just a reminder that the wonderful Fun Lovin Criminals have donated a really cool t-shirt that you could also bid on. Take a look here:


As well as all of this, we’ll be at the North East Expo this weekend, so expect to see these beautiful flyers there. The artwork on them is a painting by Hayley Parkin, that will be a part of the auction.


Thanks to everyone who’s helped out so far- you guys are all awesome!


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