Ink, Blood and Spirit

A documentary about Little Swastika has been released in a few countries, and it’s possible that it’s coming to a gallery or convention near you. The documentary, called Ink, Blood and Spirit, follows Little Swastika’s life and work, and it looks really awesome. From the documentary’s Facebook page:

CVLT Nation present a short documentary by Claudio Marino about the controversial tattoo artist known as Little Swastika; gone fully DIY he set up his own way of life never straying away from the path closest to his heart.

From early teenage years Little Swastika developed his own set of skills and style, never obeying any of the norms set by our society nor the tattoo subculture that he inhabited.

There’s also a couple of teaser trailers. You can see one below:

This looks like it’ll be a cool documentary, so if you get a chance to see it, make sure you check it out! You can click here to see if the documentary will be showing in your area soon.


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