Tattoosday UK: Taking Over Airwaves

Robert Smith loves busying himself by tuning static on the radio, he says, but did you know there are other uses for those things? You can listen to awesome music, hear crap adverts, and be bored by very uninteresting people talking about stuff. This weekend, I’ll be one of those boring people, and if you can it’d be cool if you can have a listen.

I’ll be appearing on a show in Middlesbrough called Keep Calm and Rock On, where I’m talking about our Macmillan fundraiser. It’ll be really cool, and hopefully we’ll help get the word out a little bit more! You can click here to see this week’s Facebook event for the show- it has a link to where you can listen, and if you live around Middlesbrough it’s somewhere around 104.5 FM on your radio.

So far, by the way, we’ve managed to raise over a thousand pounds! Wow! I can’t believe how much we’ve managed to raise- you guys are super awesome, and I love you guys, man!



I’ll catch you guys on the radio this weekend!


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