Macmillan Fundraiser Update: Buy Some Prints!

This past week has seen some really amazing developments with our fundraiser! Since we launched our new raffle, where you can win a full day’s tattooing with Gary Wiedenhof, we’ve raised so much more money! Check this out:



Wow! This is amazing stuff! I feel a bit like Wayne Campbell during his ‘I promised myself I wouldn’t cry’ speech in Wayne’s World here, but thank you guys so much! I can’t get over how generous you’ve all been!

We featured on the radio in Middlesbrough over the weekend, too, on a rock show called Keep Calm and Rock on. It was a nice way to get the word out, and the guys played some KISS for us afterwards, so it was cool. Thanks for letting us on the show guys!

Next up is something super awesome. We have some Maud Bateman prints to sell! For £10, you can have your hands on a very exclusive set of prints that she’s kindly donated to us. Maud Bateman can be seen here– her prints are absolutely fantastic, and they’ll look really cool in your home. If you’d like to buy one, please email and we’ll sort one out for you! Once they’re gone, they’re gone, so be quick!

Once again, thanks for donating so far! We hope you like the prints!


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