FST: On the Shoulders of Giants: Part 2

A while ago, you may remember me talking about the Frith Street documentary, called FST: On the Shoulders of Giants. Stewart Robson has put this together himself, looking in at the shop he works at, and the people who pass through the doors every day. If you don’t remember, here’s the Spark Notes: It’s a 4 part series. It’s all about Frith Street. It is amazing.

If you think you’re up to speed, you’re not. Watch Part 1, then come back. You’re welcome.

This week, Stewart announced that part 2 is now available to download, for a small price:

This part, called The World is Watching, takes a look at the culture of tattooing. This is something that’s become a bit of a hot topic within the last decade, but it’s always better to hear about it from those who are the tattooers, rather than from whatever news outlet you pretend you’re not reading at work. The guys also talk about things like social media, and how it has changed tattooing’s culture, like it does pretty much everything else!

The whole thing looks outstanding, and I seriously can’t wait to catch it this weekend! If you click here, you can watch it on Vimeo.


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