Bold as Brass: Disney Day!

If you can look me in the eye and tell me that there isn’t one Disney character that you really think is a badass, I’d say that you’re really great at lying. Fair enough, you might not want one tattooed on you, but you’ve probably seen at least one that you’ve thought is awesome. Don’t lie.

If you’re now super tempted to go out and get a Disney themed tattoo, I’d recommend waiting until September, where the guys at Bold as Brass are having a Disney themed day, all in aid of Aldder Hey Childrens Hospital, in Liverpool. This looks really awesome, and it’s such a great way to raise some money!

Here’s a quick list of who’ll be there on walk-in duty:

Rachel Baldwin

Vicky Morgan

Toni Moore

Grace Neutral

Jody Dawber

Alex Strangler

Matt Craven Evans

Anrijis Straume

The guys have a full FAQ and a few other bits and bobs on a Facebook page just here. It all looks really awesome; you should check it out! There’ll be more on this when there’s more info.


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