Macmillan Fundraiser: Update

We’ve seen an absolutely amazing response to the last few things that have went up for the Macmillan fundraiser! Thank you so much for being so generous- you have seriously amazed us all. Here’s what’s been happening:

Firstly, we’ve now drawn the winner of Dotwork Damian’s full day- Jimbob has won this prize, and is in talks with Damian to arrange the appointment. That’s another happy winner- great!


Don’t forget, you still have time to win a tattoo by either Jamie Gardiner, Mark Bester, or Gary Wiedenhof! Click below to see how:




We also still have some Maud Bateman prints on the go- click here to see how to buy one!


Next week, we’ll have some giveaways from some of our friends, so keep your eyes on the Facebook page for those!

At the time of writing, here is our total:



Wow! This is super amazing! Thank you so much for donating- we’re still not finished showing you everything yet!




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