Time: Tattoo Art Today Exhibit

A new exhibit has opened up in London that aims to explore the ideas behind the bigger custom tattoo work that we’ve come to know and love today. This show features some of the best tattooers in the world, and quite frankly, I’m pretty jealous of anyone who can get down there and see it. Every tattooer has created a new piece of artwork for this exhibition, which will run until October this year. From Somerset House, where the exhibition is held:

An exhibition presenting original artworks from 70 of the world’s most influential tattoo artists including Ed Hardy, Horiyoshi III, Paul Booth, Rose Hardy, Chris Garver, Ami James and Mister Cartoon, curated by fellow tattoo artist Claudia De Sabe and publisher Miki Vialetto. Each artist has been commissioned to create a completely new work for the exhibition on the theme of time, working with any medium and on any canvas apart from their usual surface of skin.

You can see a video online on the BBC’s website, that shows some of the exhibit and has some words from the curator and even Alex Binnie, who has some work on display there, too. Click on the image below to be taken to the video. You should also click here to find Somerset House’s information for the exhibit. Screenshot (45)


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