Macmillan Fundraiser: Uncle Allan and Electric Pick Join our Auction!

Recently we were sent something super awesome in the post! The fantastic Amalie and Uncle Allan, owners of Conspiracy Inc. have sent over some wonderful prints for our art auction, by both Allan and our buddy Electric Pick. These prints are so fantastic, though you may have to excuse my awful photos of them. I promise I’ll have better ones by the time they’re auctioned!

Here is a preview of the prints Allan has done:


If you look at the dates on some of those, you’ll see they go all the way back to 2006, so you can imagine there aren’t many places you’ll be able to get your hands on these!

Pick’s prints are just as amazing, too!

These prints are joining some other astounding ones that we’ve already added to our collection, ready for August! We’ve got this one from Rat, of the Great Omi:


We also have these from Hayley Parkin, which includes the very last copy of her Wu Tang prints, and an original painting:


Finally, we have Ian Parkin’s prints, which he kindly donated:


Don’t forget, we’ll have other tattooers’ work in the auction for you to check out, but if you can’t wait until August we’re also selling some Maud Bateman prints right now! Click here to see how to get your hands on them.



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