Love Hate Cork: Shop Preview

Ami James and Ross Nagle are opening up a new Love Hate tattoo shop in Cork, Ireland. It looks like it’ll be a really amazing shop, judging by who’ll be tattooing there! They’ve been uploading a lot on Instagram, and it seems their tattoo artist team will include Paul O’Rourke, Paul Aherne, Joe Myler, Damion Ross, and Ross Nagle himself. Ross isn’t giving up his own shop in Limerick, All Star Tattoo- he’ll be working between the two shops.

This shop will be opening on August 1st, with plans for an opening party on the 2nd. Until then, though, the guys have been posting some really cool photos on Instagram to show you what the shop looks like! To see them all, click here to see their Instagram page. Here are a few from the page, but make sure you look at them all!


Here’s also a map to the new shop:


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