Time Lapse: Mat Lapping

Mat Lapping posted two really cool videos over the weekend that you need to check out. They’re both time lapse videos, of him completing two different tattoos. Both videos are a bit long, but they’re also really interesting for both tattooers and clients! Here’s the story, from his Facebook page:

✨FREE SHIT✨ So a couple of years ago I was going to make a tutorial DVD, got them filmed and edited but then me being useless forgot all about them, so now I’ve put them up on you tube for your viewing pleasure for FREE to watch in your own time. ENJOY. Here’s the links. http://youtu.be/IJsEp8EY0UUhttp://youtu.be/Qyr_VzvaMnA Or just type my name in the search bar on you tube. (There’s no sound or music on the videos because I never got that far, just visuals)

These kinds of videos are always good for tattooers who want to see how someone else works. If you’re a tattooer who is too busy or too skint to go down and actually get a tattoo from them, or see them at a convention, this is a really cool alternative. I’m not going to pretend you’ll learn loads from these videos if you don’t already know what you’re doing, but for some people this is pretty valuable.

This is also a great video that shows just how long a tattoo takes to complete to such a high standard. We’re in a world at the minute where a small percentage of customers in tattoo shops are convinced, maybe because of television, that a great tattoo can be done in an afternoon. These videos are near to an hour long each, and they’ve been sped up a LOT. I think if more people saw this, the amount of self-entitled pricks who walk in the door thinking they can get a sleeve in an hour would be even fewer.

You can see both videos attached below- click on them while playing to be taken to Mat’s YouTube page.


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