What Is This Untitled Documentary?

My pal Dave Winn sent me a message yesterday with a Vimeo link in it for an ‘untitled tattoo documentary’ trailer. The trailer, from a Vimeo page called , features Kate Hellenbrand mostly, talking about the controversy regarding Sailor Jerry rum. We’ve heard about this quite a lot in the past on this site over the last four-or-so years, and it seems like to some people this is still a hot topic. Here’s the trailer:

I’m a bit dubious about this one. It doesn’t seem like a professionally made documentary at all, so I’m wondering what the aim of this trailer is. Is this what the finished documentary would look like, or is this more of an example of what’ll be in it? Also, will we hear all sides of this story? I feel that, so far, we only really hear one or two of the loudest voices in this story. I’m not really saying that the guys involved in this are right or wrong, but you can’t really decide without taking into account everyone’s story.

I’m not really going to go too far into this, because I’m done with people on either side getting huffy about it, but I’d be interested in hearing what you guys think of it. What do you think of this trailer? Comment below 🙂


One thought on “What Is This Untitled Documentary?

  1. Its a tough one as it is a very one sided story but it does make you think about how things are marketed. I would have believed that the SJ brand would have been 100% affiliated with the Collins family and to be fare until i looked into it would have no reason to think anything else.just goes to show not to take anything entirely on face value and question more things.

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