No Class: At least They’re Honest

I saw something on the Needles and Sins website today about a ‘free DIY tattoo shop’ today that I really hope doesn’t start a trend. The ‘shop’, called No Class, is a place where people can come in and tattoo themselves for free. I’m all about people doing whatever they want to do, and I love it when people express themselves freely, but when you’ve got the owner in an interview saying that the main thing to learn is to ‘pick the cat hair off the needle’, there is something wrong.

There is a reason why these guys have shit tattoos, and there’s a reason why you’d probably have to have more tests than Wolverine after sleeping with one of these tramps, because they’re disgusting! I really hope that this is just some joke from Vice- if it is, it’s brilliant. If not, I have no idea what is up with people.

Anyway, click here to see the interview, and decide whether to laugh or cry at people.


One thought on “No Class: At least They’re Honest

  1. Welcome to hep-c club. People seriously need to understand that these things may seem fun but hep-c ,stds and HIV etc are easily caught and it doesn’t matter how cool your burger train tattoo looks when you’ve got aids.

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