ManWoman Day 2014

Hey guys I’m back. I couldn’t wait to get back today, because I have some really cool things to show you! First up, the International Manwoman Day has been announced, and it looks like it’ll be even better than last year.

Manwoman, or Manny to his friends, was a guy who was known as the ‘Grandfather of the Swastika’. He spent most of his life promoting the positive use of the Swastika symbol, showing everyone in his path that this symbol wasn’t always used by the Nazis. The Swastika was used by millions of different people all over the world long before WWII, and Manny’s fight was one to re-claim this sacred symbol and bring love and peace to people through its use.

Sadly, Manny passed away two years ago in November, and to those of us who knew him, it really left a hole in our hearts. This is why we celebrate his life in November, using the symbol that he loved so dearly. 

This year, tattooers all over the world will be giving away swastika tattoos, scarification, and branding, to pay tribute to our friend. It’ll take place on November 13th, and it’ll be really amazing. From the event’s Facebook page:

A worldwide event on the second anniversary of ManWoman’s passing – the 13th of November 2014 – to spread knowledge and appreciation of the gentle swastika.
Open shops and give away tattoos, scars and/or brandings of Swastikas for free and use this opportunity to educate people about the origins and true meaning of the Swastika.

For artist and people who like to join this event please confirm here in wich way you want to participate

Please note that “Learn to love the Swastika” is a group compiled of tattooists, body modifiers, designers, writers and Swastika educators. There is absolutely no religion or worship involved – only cultural awareness.

We all really hope that you’ll help us pay tribute to Manny in some way; whether it’s through a tattoo or in your own special way. If you’d like to share your tattoo afterwards, please feel free!

Click here to see more from the event, or keep an eye out here on the blog!


Header image by Hernan Polako and Sinjun SpiritualPunx


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