New Tattoosday UK Project- Be a Part of This!

After having a week off, and being able to have a think about the direction of this blog and what we want to do next, I have a new project in the works. This is going to completely change how this site works, and it’ll hopefully be something pretty exciting! 

Right now, it’s a secret. Nothing has really been set in stone, and it’ll be a while before we see anything on the site itself. I can tell you a few things though:

  • I’m on the lookout for anyone who would like to be a part of this. You could be a tattooer, a writer, a graphic designer, or anyone else who is interested in taking part in something web-based around tattooing.
  • This will be a bit of a punk project- by that I mean that we’re not out to make money (honestly, I am skint!). All I want is a group of people who take pride in what they do, who wants to positively promote and be a part of a community that celebrates an art form that we love. If you don’t love tattooing, or you just want to do this to ‘be seen’, please don’t get in touch. 
  • While this is totally unpaid for us all, this is a great opportunity for those who want some experience in writing or design. You can add this to your portfolio, and there are fantastic opportunities for those who love covering events. Just because you don’t earn money, doesn’t mean you can’t save a few quid on convention tickets or tattoo-related books!
  • You need a good balance between wanting to be a good writer/blogger/designer/whatever, and an interest in tattooing. If you don’t, you need to show you’re keen to get to that point. If you don’t care about either, you’ll be shit.

If you think you’d be interested in being a part of something cool, feel free to fill in the form on our contact page for more info!



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