Tattoo Twists

Normally, when I hear that one of the major TV channels has a new show about tattooing, I die a little inside. This isn’t because I’m some kind of elitist or anything, I just feel like major media outlets get tattooing wrong more often than they get it right. Once in a blue moon though, I can happily hold my hands up and say that I’m wrong.

Channel 4 has a new series online, full of super short shows about tattooing. It’s called Tattoo Twists, and it shows real people being cover up tattoos, and their reasons for doing so. When I say their reasons, I don’t mean the usual ‘my dad’s friend’s nan’s cat died so I need a tattoo’ story, I mean regular people with no drama. There are some great tattooers in this as well, such as Lal Hardy, giving a little more insight into what’s going on. It’s mostly footage of the tattoos being covered up and changed though, really, which is great because it’s exactly what happens in any tattoo shop. It isn’t dressed up as being something it isn’t and no one’s making a massive fuss.

I really enjoyed this series, and it’s nice to see the bigger channels taking tattooing seriously. Now, if someone could show the Daily Mail that this is how it’s done (or even other Channel 4 employees for that matter!), that would be grand.

To see all of the episodes, click here!

Screenshot (56)


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