Mint Gun Club: Now Hiring!

The guys at Mint Gun Club Tattoo are super busy at the moment. The shop’s main man, Mikee Cue, has been named numerous times one of the best tattooers in the country (including receiving a nomination for the UK Industry Awards!), which has left him ridiculously busy. Obviously this is fantastic for Mikee, but it’s not so great for customers who are coming into the shop wanting an appointment any time soon. At the moment, Mikee doesn’t have any appointments until next year! Because of this, they’re on the lookout at the moment for a new tattooer.

While the guys are looking for someone new due to being so busy, please don’t think that they’re just looking for someone who can do the odd name and infinity symbol- they need a great tattooer who can tattoo in their own styles and can take on big work if it’s needed. If you’re wanting to expand your client base, this is a fantastic way to do it!

This is not a space for an apprenticeship. You must have shop experience, and you need to be skilled in your craft. Strong portfolios will always be considered seriously. This is a really great opportunity to be in a shop where there are people coming through the doors constantly, with open minds to becoming your client for life- what more could you even ask for?

If you’re interested, please feel free to click here to see all of the ways you can get in touch- good luck!


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