The P.Ink App Is Here

You may remember around a year ago hearing of a project called P.Ink, which focuses on helping breast cancer survivors get tattoos to cover up their scars from surgery. It’s a really fantastic project that’s helping more and more people all the time. Recently, they released an app that you can download if you’re a survivor, to offer you even more help. This could potentially reach millions of people, so it’s amazing to be able to do this kind of thing, and help so many people who probably wouldn’t know where to start with this.

By using the app, you can upload a picture of yourself, and then choose some designs that you like the look of. There seem to be a lot there, so you could get quite close to the kind of tattoo you really have in mind. Then, you can move it around on the image to see how it might look over your scars, and even send it to a close one if you want a second opinion.

Where the app really shines, though, is its ability to then help you find the right tattooer. There is no point in deciding what kind of tattoo you’d like and how you want it all to look if you’re going to go somewhere terrible. You’d never get what you really want. Instead, the app can show you great tattooers who have experience in tattooing over mastectomies, who can transform your scars into something you’d be happy with. Here’s a video below showing how it all works:

Unfortunately, the app doesn’t seem to be in the UK at the moment, but hopefully it will be in the future. If you’re on the North American app store, you can download this from iTunes here.


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