Fundraiser: Warrior’s Fund

A new fundraiser will be taking place next year in aid of the Wounded Knee District School (WKDS), and it looks like it’ll be awesome. The fundraiser is called Warrior’s Fund, taking the form of a silent auction and exhibition. It won’t be taking place until March, but I want you guys to get excited about it because there are some amazing tattooers who are already involved.

Over 75 tattooers have been invited to take part in this, and I can assure you only the best have been asked. Patrick Sullivan, who has helped put this together, is a great guy who knows his shit when it comes to tattooing. You can tell how great the artists are just by taking a look at the guys who have already signed up. Here a list to date (from here!)

  • Scott Sylvia
  • Bart Bingham
  • Cheyenne Randall
  • Michael Aul
  • Jason Flanell
  • Patti Biggs
  • Andy Perez
  • Jake Fraser
  • Cheyenne Sawyer
  • Justin Weatherholtz
  • Dave C. Wallin
  • Sophie C’est La Vie
  • Guy Ursitti
  • Betty Rose
  • Nash Hogan
  • Eric Jones
  • Don Yarian
  • Deb Yarian

This is just a taste of what’s to come; make sure you check out the artist page here for updates!

This looks like it will be a really fantastic fundraiser, and we’re totally behind it. There’ll be updates here about it closer to the time (and probably in-between when we start to see submissions!), and you can see below on how to keep up with it yourself from their website:

Follow us on Instagram @WARRIORSFUND and be sure to check up on!



For more information, visit the Contact/FAQ page or email





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