UK Industry Awards: Nominate Now!

Every year, the Liverpool Tattoo Convention hosts a fantastic awards ceremony celebrating tattooing’s finest artists. This is a really great way of showing some recognition to those who work their arse off every day, and a good way for those tattooers to be seen by even more people. The awards have been going for a few years now, making it one of the best ways of really showing what the UK has to offer, as well as showing off some international talent, too.

One of the cool things about these awards is that you can nominate tattooers yourself. This is also a bad thing, in a way, because it means that the most popular tattooers may be nominated regardless of talent (I think there should be an additional award given by a team of tattooer judges!). However, the guys who have been nominated in the past seem to be popular for a reason- they’ve all been great!

The website for the convention has made the nomination page public now, and I’d encourage you to nominate one of your favourites! Here are the categories:

Best UK Female Artist
Best UK Male Artist
Best International Female Artist
Best International Male Artist
Best Newcomer  (Tattooing professionally less than 2 years)

If you don’t nominate, you can’t whinge if you don’t like who won. In the UK, we love nothing more than a good whinge, so earn your right here! The tattooers with the most nominations will be put forward again, so you can vote for a winner. When this happens, we’ll update the site so you can see.

Good luck!


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