Tattooers: Save your Facebook Profile

Over the last month or so, many tattooers’ Facebook profiles have been removed, and replaced with pages. There’s never any real warning before doing so, and a lot of data associated with the profiles, some of which were a few years old, have completely vanished. I know what’s coming- ‘This is an outrage! Tattooers are totally being targeted!’ Well, not quite. This is something Facebook has been doing for a while, and it just so happens that they’re now starting to cotton on to tattooers using their profiles for their work.

The Facebook terms and conditions state that you are not able to use a Facebook profile to advertise your business. Instead, you should be using a Facebook page. I’m not 100% sure on why this should make a massive difference, but I’d assume that it’s something to do with spam prevention, as you could set up a profile and slyly advertise pretty much anything, with plenty of idiots stupid enough to believe in what you’re selling. I’d assume that it is to protect your own privacy as well- I know plenty of tattooers who use their personal profile on Facebook to speak with clients too, and I’ve been in plenty of weird and awkward conversations with those clients who then find out anything they can about those tattooers. People are freakin’ nosy, and I’d say Facebook is the main reason why some tattoo shops gossip more than a hairdressers.

Either way, Facebook are well within their rights to change your profile to a page, I’m afraid. Instead of moaning about this, I’d recommend saving your profile information and keeping a healthy work/life balance on Facebook! Here’s how to save those precious messages and photos:

Head to the settings page on Facebook, and click on ‘download a copy of your Facebook data’. Here’s a crudely annotated screen shot:



After this, it’s as simple as clicking on ‘start my archive’!


You’ll have to type in your password a couple of times, but after that, you’ll have a zip file full of everything that you need if Facebook decides to get rid of your profile.

Facebook is a brilliant way for tattooers to advertise their business, but the only way to make it super effective is to stick within the guidelines so that it’s seen by as many people as possible! I know I’m probably talking to a brick wall with some people, who refuse to stick within the weird guidelines for a website, which is fair enough, really. Pages are great anyway once you get used to them, and the mobile app for them is killer.


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