Matt Lodder: Newcastle Talk next Month!

Matt Lodder is a pretty cool guy. We both used to rock the column section of Total Tattoo magazine, where he used to talk about all of the cool things he’s found about tattooing’s history with his work as an art historian. He’s busy putting together a book at the moment, and he’s managed to find out a hell of a lot of information about a guy who’s believed to be the first professional tattoo artist in the country.

The tattooer was called Sutherland Macdonald, and while he obviously isn’t the first to have ever tattooed anyone, he is recognised as the first to operate as a ‘tattoo artist’, in the way many artists today do. Matt is doing a talk about this up in Newcastle, at Cockas Nook. He’ll be talking about not just Sutherland, but also about the start of tattooing as we know it now in the UK, from the 1880s onwards.

There are limited spaces for this, but you can get yourself a ticket by emailing for more information.

This will be a really great night. I’ve been to one of Matt’s talks before- they’re a good laugh and you’ll learn a thing or two!


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