Handpoke Tattoo: 23 Artists’ Words and Ink

There’s a great new book out this week that covers exclusively hand make tattoos, and it looks great. I feel like there’s been an increase over the last few years in the popularity of any tattoo made without a machine, so this book seems to have come at a great time. Hand made tattoos are, when well executed, absolutely amazing to see, and it’s great to know that there are plenty of tattooers who are still keeping this method of tattooing alive in a captivating way.

This book looks at 23 tattooers, and their thoughts on hand made tattooing, as well as their fantastic work. Here’s an artist list:

Brent McCown

Boff Konkerz

Colin Dale

Cory Ferguson

Croc Coulter

Ferank Manseed

Gary Burns


Gellnix Sttixis

Himemiya Neko

Igor Tangen

Kai Uwe Faust

Karolina Czaja

Kristijan Pavic

Lard Yao Peter

Lars Martinen

Marc Pinto

Mark Mason

Sakura Avalon

Sanya Youalli

Su’a Sulu’ape Angela


Tor Ola Svennevig

Foreword by Alex Binnie

This book looks like it will be amazing. It’s great to have this kind of insight into how modern tattooers create such masterpieces with ancient techniques, and how they have adapted those methods for modern day tattooing. You can buy this book now, by going to Amazon (link). Get to it!


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