First Look: Dan Henk’s New Book

Following on from The Black Seas of Infinity, Dan Henk is about to release a new book next year. Showing that his talents don’t only lie in his amazing tattoos, Dan will release a new set of short stories called Down Highways in the Park…By Demons Driven.

The stories are absolutely amazing, and they’re just the right length to read each one on the bus ride to work. They’re all a bit weird, and sometimes creepy, and they will trap you in a surreal world full of abandoned airports and creepy old cabins up in the Scottish highlands. There are some parts where things get pretty intense, as almost everything is written in first person (apart from a Christmas tale you’ve never seen anything like before). With each story, you learn what is happening at the same time as the narrator, which makes things really gripping.

While Dan’s tattooing and his writing are two different things, I genuinely think many of you guys will enjoy this book. It’s not out for another couple of months, so you can expect another post with a little more about it nearer the time. It’s certainly something worth getting excited over, though!

Just to whet your appetite, here’s one of Dan’s fantastic illustrations for the book. There’ll be more to come in due course.





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