Review: Modern Masters of Tattooing

I can imagine that there’s a few of you guys out there who have some last minute presents to buy, and one or two of those presents may be for someone who loves tattooing. If you’re stuck for an idea, this new book by Ákos Bánfalvi may be a great thing to leave under the Christmas tree.

The book, called Modern Masters of Tattooing, showcases some work by amazing tattooers, and also features an interview with each one. It’s a great coffee table book that you can flick through whenever you please.

The first thing you’ll notice about this book is that it’s bloody massive- I’m not sure exactly how much it weighs, but it’s definitely heavy! However, the next thing you will notice is the quality of the book itself. This is another one of those books that is full of photos- there’s no messing around with over-thinking everything on the page, it’s just all solid tattooing, which is fantastic. The interviews are fantastic too- you can tell when an interview is conducted by a person who actually knows a thing or two about tattooing, and it makes it so much better to read. This is certainly one of those books.

Since the book is interviews and photos, you may think that this is almost like someone has taken their favourite clippings from a few magazines, since you could easily read the same kind of thing in those. However, magazines get raggedy or get lost- you couldn’t easily lose this thing with its size. The quality of the photos is also quite superior, since Schiffer Publishing can obviously push the boat out a lot more than a magazine publisher can! This just feels nice in your hands, and you can see every last detail. I know that a lot of these photos you’ll be able to see online, but they will always look better in a book than on a screen.

This kind of book is fantastic to have in a tattoo shop to show potential clients the kinds of things that can be done, or on your coffee table to flick through with a few friends. Either way, I think that many people are going to love this book. You can buy it now by going to Schiffer Publishing’s website, here!



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