New Project: Metamorphosis

I know that many people think that Kickstarter is for people who want money for doing sod all half of the time (yes, I saw the South Park episode too), but sometimes you can find really cool things that totally deserve backing. One of these new projects is Metamorphosis, a new book by Cross Photographer.

The project is quite simple, after Cross takes a photograph of a tattooer, they then illustrate it to their own styles. It’s an interesting concept, as it puts the tattooer in the limelight in a way. Normally tattooers are hidden by their own work, as it’s all that people see a lot of the time With this project, their own face is a part of the artwork, which makes it very interesting. It’s a fantastic collaboration of tattooers’ artwork and Cross’ photography.

From the Kickstarter page:

I created a portable photography studio with lights, background etc. that could be easily carried on my back so that I could visit as many tattoo shops, studios & conventions as possible. There I met the artists, took their portraits & emailed their photos to them so they could create something incredible. They then sent me their completed artwork. I merged this with the photograph using photoshop. So far I have been working on this book for a year and a half, when you see it you will understand how much hard work has gone into it, not just from me but from every single artist involved.

This book looks fantastic, but it needs backing! To see how to give to this project, you can visit the page here. This book definitely needs to be made- good luck to those involved!


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