Infections are Gross

BBC soap Holby City seemed a little more disgusting last night when they showed what can happen when tattoos get infected! The latest episode shows on one of the main character’s daughters come into the hospital after being tattooed, as it becomes hugely infected, leaving us all to see what can happen if you don’t go to a clean tattooer. I won’t lie, it’s pretty graphic.

Even though it obviously isn’t real, I’d say it’s a great thing to show anyone who is thinking about going to a dodgy ‘tattooer’. There’s always someone who thinks that ‘tattoo parties’ are a great idea, or that no tattoo should cost more then £10. It’s certainly not that these people are idiots, it’s just that they might not know any better. With that being said, I know plenty of people who do know this and do it anyway- they’re the real idiots!!

If you are interested in seeing it, though, you have the next 28 days to do so. Click on the image below to view!



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