Tattoos to Help Burn Victims

We’ve seen many times how tattooing can help those who have undergone mastectomies after having breast cancer, showing how the art form can help those positively deal with their experiences and scars. It’s awesome to see tattooing used in such a way, showing how many people can benefit from something that some people still see in a negative light. Recently, tattooing has been used to also help people deal with burn scars, and it’s absolutely incredible.

This is a different kind of tattooing to what you’re used to reading about on this blog. This is something that is sometimes referred to as cosmetic tattooing, but it is still tattooing either way. This time, though, instead of a picture on your skin, the tattoo is designed to almost look as if it isn’t there at all. Many burns victims eventually end up with scars that take away the pigment in their skin, which is especially noticeable if you have a deeper skin tone. These tattooers are putting the pigment back into the skin, and blending it in so that it’s as if the scar was never there.

Medical Daily Pulse has a great feature on this at the moment, focusing on Basma Hameed. Basma is absolutely fantastic at covering scars. She was inspired to learn how to do this after going through over 100 surgical procedures from being burned when she was 2. She now has her own clinic, and is helping people every day deal with their scars- from covering it with the tattoo, to even developing her own make up her clients can use in between treatments.

Here’s a video that you may be interested in, from the article, here. Please be warned, some images in it are fairly graphic as it shows burns victims, but you’ll see a happy end for each of the people featured in it.


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