Zeke Owen Benefit – donate now

Zeke Owen has been a well liked and respected tattooer for many years now. His work has inspired so many tattooers and amazed every one of his clients. Unfortunately, however, like many of these older tattooers, he has now found himself in need of help due to poor health. I’m a little late to this one, I’ll admit, but I hope you can find a way to help out such a legend if you’re reading this for the first time.

As someone living in England, I find it a real shame that so many people need to raise a load of money as soon as they become unwell in countries like America. Being a tattooer doesn’t give you a secure retirement fund, and if you miss work there are no paid holidays. Many people now are thinking about their future a little more, but the financial difficulties are always there for some.

Zeke admits that some of this is due to his own decisions. Of course, this doesn’t make him any less deserving, but it’s good to see some honesty. From his Gofundme.com page :

Hello Friends and Fellow Tattooers. My son is raising funds for my needs here in Orlando. Unfortunatly between my last wife and poor planning on my part left me in this hole. Hopefully soon I will recover from this situation and be back out on the road where I truly belong. My son has power of attorney for the moment and I rely on him daily. If you would like to contact me through email my address is zekeowenretirementfund@yahoo.com my son prints these out and brings them to me. I do not have access to a computer so either I mail them out or Douglas will email them out to you. Thank you Douglas and May the wind fill your sails!. Till then Zeke

You can see updates from Zeke’s family on the page too, and you’ll be glad, I’m sure, to see that the money donated is already having a fantastic effect. I hope you guys have some spare cash lying around that you’re able to donate to such a great tattooer and awesome guy.


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