Henning Jørgensen has just released a new book with Tattoo Life, which celebrates thirty years of his shop, the Royal Tattoo Studio. This book is split into two parts, showcasing some of Henning’s best work over the years, with the second part paying tribute to his work through other outstanding tattooers. This looks like it is a fantastic book, with art which is honestly inspirational.

From the Tattoo Life store page:

This book celebrates 30 years of Henning Jørgensen’s Royal Tattoo studio in two parts. The first part illustrates Henning’s famous Japanese path in a fine collection of 67 sheets produced from 1998 to 2014. In the second part 92 masters of tattoo art created their flash to extend the echo which Henning has generated in the world of tattooing, in the most varied and beautiful tattoo-style interpretations today.
Works by: Scott Sylvia, Jason Grace, Robert Atkinson, Federico Ferroni, Vlady, Trevor McStay, Juan Puente, Grime, Daniel Novais, Ami James, Erik Rieth, Mo Coppoletta, Valerie Vargas, Aaron Bell, Rose Hardy, Jason Kundell, Theo Jak, Dan Sinnes, Manuel Valenzuela, Chad Koeplinger, Paul Dobleman, Mike Rubendall, Luke Atkinson, Alex Reinke, Kevin LeBlanc and many more…

Wow- what an artist list! I think that many tattooers would have their minds blown at just one of those guys wanting to be a part of this book, never mind all of them. For Henning, though, this is probably an everyday thing, as his work is really amazing and has already served as a catalyst for so many people’s creativity.

If you buy this book now, you can get a pretty sweet discount- be quick though, before it’s all gone! Click here to buy it from Tattoo Life.


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